little hopes


06:35 video


released on heavy 7" vinyl (4 test pressings and 500 copies).


released January 1, 2000

words: amie carson
sounds: stephen jones



all rights reserved


RED MARTIAN Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: little hopes
little pounding steps
caving in the greening life
holding a piece in time.

holding a space within the endless space.

an injured child lurks,
speaking to floors
and objects of the reddest red.

seeking a new dimension
within the expected extension.

and to others there are no beauties and no truths.
and we maybe human by birth,
but we were never human before

and never shall be again,

and the dust from our bodies
shall creep into the winds
and find places upon streets,

shadowed by lanterns
and brightened areas
upon which man made deaths long to be!

and we reflect upon our lives
as if we are living,
as if we are not dead
a million times before

shooting energies and energies.

as our integrity for things are shot down
and we have little hopes as to share with others
as they are the ones who have destroyed our humanity.

we as humans, can not conceive.
we as humans, can not relate.
we as humans, can not be called human.

for the level of understandings shall not be known
for thousands of seconds and days and years
and all is irrelevant!

hope spreads a warm day and we see streams
and hear the starving birds sing
out as in happiness.

and we see the broken child perch herself upon a step
and wait for something to save the moment.

but none shall be again
and no truths have been told before to her.
she will wait for eternity.

what is this life?

a torture device for others around us?
a game for a master game maker?
sadding cries echo through empty halls
and words mean little of anything
in times when time stands still for we

when shall we see beauty without such falsity?